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Registration for Spring 2023 is Now Closed!


  1. Click on the registration link.
  2. Sign in or create an account with SportsEngine.
  3. Enter the player information requested. Players will be assigned to the appropriate division based upon school grade.
  4. Contact the registrar with any issues or questions by email at


  • Micros (Kindergarten & 1st grade): $100
  • Younger (2nd & 3rd grade): $250
  • Middle (4th & 5th grade): $300
  • Older (6th–9th grade): $300

Financial aid is available. ABGSL welcomes all players regardless of ability to pay. Requesting financial aid is quick and easy: just send an email with your request to before you register and we will help you with the process.


  • Micros (K & 1st grade) play once a week, from 9 to 11 every Saturday.

  • Younger Division (2nd & 3rd grade), Middle Division (4th & 5th grade), and Older Division (6th–9th grade) play three times a week, two weekday afternoons and one Saturday. 

  • You may request a M/W or a T/Th schedule when you register. If you are flexible, select “any day of the week” for a discount on registration fees. 

  • If your 9th grader wants to play rec softball and also intends to try out for a high school team, please contact the registrar at so we can make sure you understand your options.



You may specify a friend you would like to have on your team. ABGSL will make every effort to accommodate one reciprocal request, but we cannot guarantee that requests will be honored. Be certain to check that your friend requests the same practice days, and that a reciprocal request has also been made on the friend's registration. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you request a friend and you sign up for the "any day of the week" discount, we ask that your friend request also be an "any day of the week” registration. 

We recognize that part of the fun of ABGSL is that kids get to play with their friends, and that families need to organize carpools. We also know that many new friendships develop when kids play with different team members over time. A fundamental component of ABGSL is the mixing of teams from year to year, which presents a wonderful opportunity to meet families from other schools and greatly adds to the fabric of our league.


ABGSL runs entirely on volunteer labor, which means that every family in the League must volunteer for both a team job and a league job. Team jobs include coaching, field lining and scorekeeping, among others, and they support the team throughout the season. League jobs require a minimum of 4 hours of volunteer time over the course of the season. 

Volunteer coaches and team managers are an essential component of ABGSL. Without them, we would not be able to field teams. Being a coach or team manager fulfills BOTH your team and league job requirements. If you sign up to be a coach or manager, the league will contact you before the season starts.

Other than the team coaches and manager, all team jobs will be described and assigned at the parent team meeting at the start of the season.

The league sends out emails during the season with volunteer opportunities that will fulfill the league job requirement. Most families fulfill their league job by helping at our annual Bat-A-Que or attending one of our field maintenance work parties, but there are also other important volunteer opportunities.


ABGSL tries hard to form teams that are as evenly balanced as possible. Skills assessments take place in late January, and our Division Commissioners form teams in February. Coaches and managers do not play a role in selecting their teams, although they will always be on the same team as their own player.


A team T-shirt and ABGSL hat/visor are included in your registration fee. All players must provide their own cleats and a glove. (Micros can wear sneakers, but cleats are strongly recommended.) See the Equipment List for a guide to other gear.

The league facilitates informal used equipment swaps, including clinic days, assessment days, and Opening Day. We invite you to browse our large stock of donated equipment and take home anything that you can use. Please bring in gloves, bats, helmets and cleats your children have outgrown. 


We hope you will consider making a tax-deductible donation to ABGSL when you register. We rely on donations to operate, and every contribution counts, no matter the size!

Donate when you fill out your registration or use our secure Paypal donation page

ABGSL is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and donations are deductible as allowed by law. Tax ID: 94-2958214