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Equipment List

Softball equipment can be found at a range of prices. Just remember, players are growing quickly and still figuring out if they like the game! Look for equipment that will get them excited to play, fits well enough, and can be used immediately. 

ABGSL has some used equipment available at gear swaps, which take place on clinic days, assessment days, and Opening Day. If your player shows up on the first day with a glove and water bottle, they’ll be fine! It can take a couple of practices to get it figured out. 

ABGSL provides: hat/visor, team T-shirt for games, bats, helmets, catcher's gear 


Micro/Younger Divisions Middle/Older Divisions
  • Glove (9"-11") $20
  • Cleats (softball/soccer ok) $20
  • Comfortable athletic pants 
  • Glove (10-12") $30
  • Cleats (softball, no metal allowed) $30
  • Softball pants  $35
  • Softball sliding shorts  $30
  • Softball socks  $5  


Nice to Have:

Micro/Younger Divisions Middle/Older Divisions
  • Own helmet $40
  • Own bat  $30
  • Softball pants $30
  • Softball socks $5
  • Belt $5
  • Own helmet $25
  • Own infielder face mask $55
  • Own bat  $75
  • Belt $5
  • Batting gloves $20

Where to buy: 

  • Sports Basement, Berkeley (stay tuned for ABGSL discounts!)
  • Mary and Joe's, Albany (locally owned)
  • Big 5 Sporting Goods, El Cerrito